Monday, September 5, 2011

Going to Netherlands to buy...! I don't know why, but all the supermarkets in Germany are closed on Sundays. I've tried to reason with people here, said how stupid this was, but they just don't get it: people here are used to plan what they will do.  Even buying food. And I'm foreign, which means I'll starve to death on Sundays, because on Saturdays I like to do weird thing, like going out...

The good thing is that I live close to the border between Germany and Netherlands, and there a lot of things that are forbidden in other countries - like supermarkets on Sundays - are allowed. 

So...I'm telling all this just to say the most stupid-girl thing I could say about my short trip to that country: they are so cute! I've just opened a box of tea that I've bought there - pink pepper and orange - and there is a "DON'T WORRY" hidden inside it. 

Yeah...i've bought food and tea...u.u

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