Thursday, September 15, 2011

Echt geil!!!

I've just came home from a music festival in Aachen - September Special. It's a kind of street festival: there're four stages downtown, and the shows start all at the same time (I'm so sad about this...). Today I've chosen "Laura Vane and The Vipertones", I didn't know this band and I'm really glad that I went there. The music is awesome and they sound just exactly like the album (I hate when a band sucks when playing live). This song is called "Roof of".

I see you shakin' and I wanna see you loosing...

Florence + the Machine

Release from the new album of Florence + the Machine!!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Going to Netherlands to buy...! I don't know why, but all the supermarkets in Germany are closed on Sundays. I've tried to reason with people here, said how stupid this was, but they just don't get it: people here are used to plan what they will do.  Even buying food. And I'm foreign, which means I'll starve to death on Sundays, because on Saturdays I like to do weird thing, like going out...

The good thing is that I live close to the border between Germany and Netherlands, and there a lot of things that are forbidden in other countries - like supermarkets on Sundays - are allowed. 

So...I'm telling all this just to say the most stupid-girl thing I could say about my short trip to that country: they are so cute! I've just opened a box of tea that I've bought there - pink pepper and orange - and there is a "DON'T WORRY" hidden inside it. 

Yeah...i've bought food and tea...u.u

Where do I start?

I don't really wanna write a post talking about who I am and what is this blog about, so I'll just post a song. I used to wake up with this song everyday for some years, so I guess it's a good start. 

Cream - Crossroads

Oh, I'm not 50 years old, I'm 24 =P